Dear [Your MP’s name here],

Justin Trudeau has used an undemocratic, unilateral Order in Council that has resulted in hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of Canadians now being in possession of prohibited firearms; a crime that carries a sentence of 3.5 years. 

This is being rammed down Canadian’s throats based on the notion of consensus created by an Angus Reid poll that indicated 78% of respondents support such a ban. However that survey itself speciously defined “assault weapons” as “guns that hold a lot of ammunition and are designed for rapid fire,” and furthermore, found that 90% of those respondents that support such a ban admitted to knowing little to nothing about the existing firearms law in Canada!

The role of government is not to simply pass the uninformed opinion of 80% of Canadians into law. Undoubtedly 80% or more of Canadians would like to pay less taxes, enjoy higher speed limits, and get free beer deliveries from the government. We do not demand these things be provided because experts in taxation, road safety and health indicate it’s not wise to do so. Yet, on firearms, this government is ignoring the recommendations of the Association of the Chiefs of Police, every firearms expert in the country, at least two provincial governments, and the RCMP by passing this OIC… and justifying it with the opinions of people who frankly do not have the necessary knowledge to participate in the discussion objectively.

Canada’s own Department of Justice has this to say on the matter: “Research on the misuse of firearms has tended to focus on how many firearms are legally available. Similarly, firearm regulation schemes control the legitimate or authorized market for firearms. However, preventing firearms from falling into the wrong hands, and limiting irresponsible uses of firearms means curtailing the illegal firearms market. In fact, a priority should be placed on concurrent strategies to control and regulate the legal firearms market and to deter the illegal trade; if this does not occur, it is possible that the illegal market may become more lucrative and create new opportunities for criminals.”

This ban, beyond being passed in a manner that should offend all Canadians who value the democratic process, and all Members of Parliament who value their role as those Canadians’ representatives in that process, is clearly nothing more than political theatre… and a particular sort of political theatre that demands sacrifice from everyone from the competition shooter with an AR-15 to the duck hunter now wondering if their shotgun’s bore diameter is putting them at risk of a 3.5 year sentence.

This ban is unconscionable. Please help. Canadians deserve better than to be governed by the whims of the uninformed masses whipped into a frenzy by a Prime Minister putting voting blocks ahead of good government.