Gray Fox Strategic

Ammo Can Humidor

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LEAD TIMES: As with all Kydex products, our Ammo Can Humidors are assembled to order, we do not keep inventory. Your products can take a few weeks to manufacture. Please refer to the main page of our website for our current lead times.


The ammo can humidors are custom assembled by hand using beautiful A-grade aromatic solid Spanish Cedar, 1/4" thick lining, that is constructed with no glue.  Waterproof and airtight for a perfect humidification environment.

 Perfect for the cigar beginner to aficionado!

The Black and Coyote ammo can humidors are powder coated with a matte finish color base and lid.  Perfect for adding all your favorite slaps!

Multicam ammo can humidors are Cerakoted; making them more resistant to chipping, corrosion and extreme heat environments.  They are rugged enough to be tossed around during any outdoor adventure, while sexy enough to be the centerpiece of your man cave or office.


Each ammo can humidor includes:  

- Boveda Starter Kit (one 69% humidity pack and one 84% humidor seasoning pack),

- Digital Hygrometer,

- Removable Spanish Cedar top

- 2 removable perforated Spanish Cedar trays

-1 Gray Fox "cigar band" slap

Dimension of the box L= 11-7/8"  W=6-1/8" H=7-1/2"

Dimension of the trays: L= 11"  W= 5-1/2"   H=2" 

Holds approx. 75 robusto size cigars! 

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