Cigar Punch Set
Gray Fox Strategic

Cigar Punch Set

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They’re always a conversation piece and function pretty darn well too.

Handcrafted from a once fired once fired .223 & .308 cases and produces a 3 mm size  hole and 5 mm size hole .

Each empty shell case is thoroughly cleaned, polished to a shine and then lightly sharpened at the neck to act as a cigar punch. We then drill a small hole towards the back and insert a 1″ key ring – so you can have your punch with you, no matter where you go.
Punch” style cigar cutter offer a few perks over the equally popular v-cut/wedge cutters and straight/guillotine cutters. Most notable is that they are simple to use and there great for beginners and experts alike – it’s nearly impossible to screw up! You simply press the circular blade into the head of a cigar, turn gently, and voila! A small amount of tobacco from the cap is removed. This leaves much of the cap intact and feels smooth on the lips. The small hole not only concentrates smoke to the palate, but also exposes less of the binder and filler tobacco inside, thus reducing the chances of loose tobacco getting into your mouth.


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