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Phoenix OWB - Glock 17/22 w/TLR-1 - LVL 2 - OD - RH

Regular price $ 194.95


Holster Model - Phoenix OWB w/ Light

Pistol - Glock 17/22


Colour - OD


Retention - Level 2(Safariland SLS System) as well as adjustable passive retention using 3 Phillips-head screws on front of holster.

LLS Thigh Strap - None

Belt Attachment - Safariland UBL - Black (This UBL has belt loops to fit up to a 2.25" belt. If you need to purchase an adapter to take up the slack while using a smaller belt, click here to see our 2.25" UBL Adapters)


*BE ADVISED - This holster is meant to be used ONLY with the pistol and weaponlight it's designed for. Your handgun will not fit this holster without the light attached.*

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