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Phoenix OWB - Walther PDP 4.5" w/X300 - Black - RH

Regular price $ 144.95


Holster Model - Phoenix OWB w/ Light

Pistol - Walther PDP 4.5"


Colour - Black


Retention - Level 1 - Passive(Adjustable)

LLS Thigh Strap - None

Belt Attachment - Safariland UBL - Black (This UBL has belt loops to fit up to a 2.25" belt. If you need to purchase an adapter to take up the slack while using a smaller belt, click here to see our 2.25" UBL Adapters)

Note: This holster is made with our LEO/MIL branding, meaning all branding is on the rear of the holster, not visible while being worn. This conforms to the rules of most agencies and departments regarding company logos on duty gear.

*BE ADVISED - This holster is meant to be used ONLY with the pistol and weaponlight it's designed for. Your handgun will not fit this holster without the light attached.*

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