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True North Concepts - Modular Holster Adapter

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The True North Concepts Modular Holster Adaptor (MHA) is designed to eliminate the unwanted movement, flex and sliding common to factory polymer belt adapters by clamping the belt between an aluminum adapter and aluminum belt bars. This clamping force in conjunction with the material, 0.190″ thick domestically produced 6061-T6 Aluminum, creates a ridged, flex free platform for holsters.

The MHA supports the popular “Mid-ride” mode of carry to lower the pistol below the shooters belt line, allowing their holster system to clear body armor and pouches. This adapter fits all “three-hole” pattern Safariland™ type holsters, and other brands of holsters that use this proven method of attachment. It also supports the use of many commonly used quick detach holster systems such as the QLS, MLS, ELS, and others. Holsters mounted to the Modular Holster Adaptor will accommodate 10° of forward cant and 10° of negative cant for a total range of 20° degrees. The adapter provides three height mounting points, set 1/2″ apart, descending from the top mid-ride mounting point. This allows the user to custom configure their holster’s cant and height based off personal preference and body size/type. 

Now for the bad news: Currently, our Level 2 Retention holsters don't quite fit when attaching the holster directly to the MHA plate. However, with the addition of the Safariland QLS system, there are no compatibility issues whatsoever.

*Compatible with our Cerberus and Phoenix holsters only*

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First order

Great company to do business with and they carry what I was looking for so placed another order.


Excellent piece of kit. Combined with the QLS fork, this gives me even more ability to customize my holster setup.