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Solis - JSTA Magazine Insert

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Solis is a rigid magazine insert for the inner sleeve of the Spiritus Systems JSTA Pouch. 

It features adjustable retention for a standard .223/5.56 AR-pattern magazine and a pistol magazine. The opening of the carrier is flared to allow to quick and easy insertion of the magazines, no more getting caught on fabric while loading up.

The tall design of the carrier allows a snug fit and a comfortable height for your magazines, while providing extra rigidity to the pouch itself. The carrier also features hook velcro to stay put inside the pouch.

The carrier insert is ambidextrous, meaning it can simply be flipped for right or left handed shooters, allowing for a pistol mag in the front and rifle mag in the rear, or vice versa.

Available in 2 variants: Standard 9mm/.40cal, and Glock 9mm/.40cal.

Standard 9mm/.40cal will fit most steel-walled double-stack pistol magazines such as Sig Sauer, CZ, Walther, S&W, etc.

Glock 9mm/.40cal will fit double-stack polymer-walled magazines for the 9mm/.40cal Glock variants, such as models 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 34, 35, etc. These carriers will NOT fit single-stack 9mm Glock mags like for the G43, or G48. This carrier will also not fit other Glock mags for any other caliber(.45ACP, 10mm, etc)

Since the unit is an insert which will be completely covered by the JSTA Pouch, the Solis is only available in black.

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