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Leg Lok System - Leg Strap+Anchor

Regular price $25.00

Our Leg Lok System (LLS) straps are made of 1.25" durable elastic material and made specifically to work with our Cerberus and Phoenix Holsters.

Leg Lok System includes: 1 leg strap(colour of your choosing) and 1 Anchor

Our newest update to the LLS Strap is the third revision of our Tegris Anchor with a universal hole pattern, meaning this leg strap can be attached securely to any mounting platform you can attach your holster to, while retaining the ability to fully cant your holster in any direction. 

Just remove your current platform, slip the LLS anchor between your holster and belt attachment, and put it back together again! Set it and forget it. 

ANCHOR IS INCLUDED with the LLS, no additional hardware is needed. If you don't need the leg strap, we now offer the Anchor on its own here

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