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LEAD TIMES: All Kydex products are hand made to order, we do not keep inventory. Your products can take a few weeks to manufacture. Please refer to the main page of our website for our current lead times.


Our flagship line of inside the waistband (IWB) holsters, the Ghost comes with the ability to accept pistols with optics, upgraded sights as well as extended barrels. The belt clip option has 2 different adjustments, a straight angle and a 20 degree cant.

All our holsters come standard with an adjustable retention point so you can set the retention just right.  

Looking for extra belt attachments, check out the Accessories section.

*comes with 1ml package of Vibra-TITE VC-3 reusable threadlocker for the belt attachments.


*All of our kydex products are custom and hand-made to order. As such, the images shown may differ from the actual product.*

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ian Shirley
Great Product!

Very well made. Fit for sig 320 x is perfect. Comfortable to wear for a long shift.


got it for my SFP9 , perfect, got it in red so it's easy to find. You get what you pay for. Don't mess with off the shelf stuff, a pistol is too important to worry about saving $10. Buy Canadian , buy local.

Ghost with concealment wing mod

Great product. Used for a Glock 17 Gen 5. Fits perfect with just the right amount of retention and positive click when holstering. The concealment wing really added to the belt security and pushed the gun toward the body a little more.

Had a question about the magazine release being covered more and Grey Fox immediately remedied the issue without question. I’d buy again and will look to them for further products.


I'm an LEO in an "office" job where I dress on the more "fashionable" end of "business casual" attire. I do not have a suit jacket to hide an OWB holster. I cannot walk around in the public eye with an exposed firearm. The Ghost with the wing attachment does an OUTSTANDING job of hiding my full-size Glock. This is while wearing slim/fitted dress shirts that are tucked in. No one other than myself has any idea that I'm carrying. I would have to bend over and touch my toes for it to "print".

The staff at GFS are AWESOME. Great communication, customer service and feedback. This was well before any knowledge of my job/position.

It was great to meet them and see the full product line in person at TACCOM

"Not Junk"

First of, GFS (Gray Fox Strategic) will always deliver on time. Great communication as always and will answer any of my inquiries about the product and if the world we live in is in fact round? I have been a fan of GFS holsters for quite sometime now and wanted to try the GHOST (IWB) holster.

I got the 226 GHOST model, and I loved how it just works out of the box. Whether you want to carry appendix or side. You will find no issue presenting and re-holster your pistol at all. I also found it better when sitting down during appendix carry, as it is not digging in to my junk, unlike the other holsters I've tried in the past.

GFS, many thanks for this great kit!