FOX2 - Factory Seconds

FOX2 is our factory-seconds/blemish/scratch-and-dent collection

All products in this section are tested and maintain 100% functionality, but didn't pass QC for cosmetic reasons. Products in this section might display blemishes, scratches, inconsistent colour/fabric application, incorrect laser identification or crooked shaping. This collection may also include functional prototypes, old designs and retired colours. 

Our FOX2 items are sold as pre-built packages, unless stated otherwise. Please be sure to read the description for the item you are interested in, as it lists all that is included in the package as well as a description of the blemishes. Options cannot be swapped out, but any extra accessories can be added to your cart manually. 
All FOX2 items purchased on their own will ship within 3-5 Business days. Although FOX2 items can be purchased at the same time as Built-To-Order items, your full order will ship together after all items are ready. Please refer to our main page for current lead times on custom orders.
All FOX2 items are final sale and non-refundable.