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Anchor - Leg Strap Retainer

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Finally available on its own, Anchor.

The Anchor is our universal leg strap retainer made from laser-cut Tegris thermoplastic. The Anchor was updated to be fully compatible with the True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter, as well as our current inventory of belt attachment systems like the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok, Safariland CUBL, and G-Code Belt Slide. This retainer will fit any holster that utilizes the Safariland 3-Hole mounting pattern, like our Phoenix and Cerberus holsters. 

Installation is simple, remove your holster from its belt attachment, place the Anchor over the attachment holes you'll be using, and reinstall your holster. That's it! No additional hardware required!

The new revision allows the holster to be canted at any angle, without having to inadvertently angle the leg strap along with it, meaning the strap runs perfectly perpendicular to the belt attachment for ultimate comfort.

Leg straps on a mid-ride setup help prevent play and wobble in the holster, while keeping the business end anchored and allowing the pistol to be removed smoothly. 

The top row of attachment point are designed for the standard Safariland 3-Point pattern and the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok pattern, while the second row is a perfect match for the MHA from True North Concepts.

Anchor will fit leg straps up to 2" in width.

LEG STRAP IS NOT INCLUDED. If you need a leg strap AND an Anchor, please check out our LLS Thigh Strap, which includes both the leg strap and the Anchor.

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